Victorian Maiden, the Japanese women’s clothing brand, was founded in 1999. The brand sells elegant, exquisite Victorian Era style clothing for modern women who value beauty and intelligence. Their most popular items are their rose printed and floral themed garments, like the "Rococo Bouquet" series. Victorian Maiden has also created popular items from their own original printed fabric, such as the "Regimental Stripe” series. Their clothing is known both in Japan and internationally as “Classic Lolita” style. Victorian Maiden redefines elegance with their modern take on classic Victorian designs. Their clothing is innovative because, unlike many other Lolita Fashion brands, it’s toned down enough to be worn on almost any formal occasion. Their designs don’t scream “Lolita,” while managing to retain traditional Lolita silhouettes. These qualities make Victorian Maiden’s designs appeal more widely to women of all ages and tastes.